At Abaka, we make navigating, understanding, and paying for healthcare simpler. We’re bringing the clinical and financial experiences of healthcare together to create a better end-to-end patient experience.

For providers 

We help providers create better healthcare experiences for patients.


Manage treatment plans


Work with patients to manage treatment plans together in one easy-to-use app


Increase on-time collections


Provide patients with transparent cost estimates and create payment plans to increase on-time collections


Lessen administrative burdens


Manage patient scheduling and bill pay in-app, reducing administrative work for provider staff

For patients

We help patients navigate all aspects of the healthcare system so they can focus on what matters: their health.


Understand treatment plans


Providers and patients work together to make sure patients understand all aspects of their treatment plan, which can be accessed directly in our app

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Plan ahead for payments


Patients can plan for associated costs ahead of time and pay bills directly in the app, so they are never surprised by a healthcare bill


Engage with doctors


Patients can engage directly with providers through the app, strengthening trust and confidence in the patient-provider relationship